What I do

about the yogi with wanderlustWhen I tell people that I’m a digital nomad, they imagine myself drinking Mojito on the beach all day long. The truth is that I work, and I work a lot but I do it while travelling the world.

From time to time I take up jobs locally, but I also have a few clients that follow me around the world and that are happy to delegate to me some of those tasks they hate or don’t have time to perform.

They are yoga studios and teachers (like this one), they are vegan companies (like this one), they are travel related businesses (like this one) and all of them have one thing in common – their need for someone to take care of their websites, social media profiles, newsletters and so on.

They would rather practice yoga than market online their yoga studio. They prefer to get
their hands dirty in the kitchen than worrying about the website they need to update. They love to spend time talking to clients, making sure they are having the time of their lives at their resorts instead of planning the newsletters they need to send out.

So basically I do all those things for them because I know how to do them and truly enjoy taking care of those tasks for companies and professionals who share my same passions.
Oh, and I obviously blog about what I love the most: my life around the world, my crazy experiences, the yoga studios and wellness retreats I join, my favorite vegan restaurants and products.

I review the best yoga brands, the most fascinating yoga and wellness retreats around the world and the yummiest vegan and vegetarian restaurants I visit.

Here you can find out more about the lifestyle of a digital nomad and how I became one. And if you are wondering if I work at the beach – no, I’m most certainly not. 🙂

Here is a not exhaustive list of the services I offer. Have a look and drop me a line if you have questions.