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Are you a yoga teacher? Do you have your own yoga studio or run yoga and wellness retreats around the world?

The truth is that you love teaching yoga. You want to be an inspiration to the people coming to your yoga studio. Therefore, you spend hours studying yoga and improving your personal practice along with the knowledge you offer to your clients. You want to organise yoga retreats all around the world for people who are grateful for the experience you have to offer them. Even if you know you should have a website and a social media presence to promote yourself and your retreats/classes; you don’t have the time to take care of them.

Are you a business owner? Does your company produce vegan/vegetarian/healthy products? Do you own a vegan or vegetarian restaurant?

About yogi with wanderlust

Perhaps what you love doing is spending hours in the kitchen trying out new delicious combinations of ingredients. Your dream is to take a few vegetables and transform them into a dish that makes people happy and doesn’t hurt any innocent animal. Your goal is to make people realise that it is possible to eat yummy food without harming their health and other creatures but you don’t have the knowledge to market your business efficiently.

Are you a yoga brand? Do you organise yoga classes and retreats? Do you produce healthy vegan products?

About yogi with wanderlust

It doesn’t matter if you are a successful and established brand or you are a start-up looking for some visibility, nowadays people are dealing with a lot of content online and they don’t trust companies like they used to in the past. Many brands started to turn to influential bloggers to reach new audiences or to engage them in a different way, so their message is told by an authority source people honestly trust.

If you answered yes to one of these questions, then you reached the right person. Have a look at the services I offer and drop me an email to tell me how I can help you.