I’m one of those people who struggles to fall asleep. From the moment I enter the bed to the time I finally enter the REM sleep it can take a random time between ten minutes and two hours, with some nights that are inevitably better than other ones. It doesn’t matter how early I wake up, how many things have done during the day or how many hours of yoga I have practiced; sometimes I just need time before I can interact with Morpheus. On the bright side, those minutes are normally invested in some much needed good thinking I didn’t have the time to do during the day.

I’m quite sure some of the best ideas I had in my life were conceived while I was desperately trying to fall asleep; like the time I decided to move to Australia.

And so the other night, while lying in bed, I ended up thinking about how fast 2016 has gone by, and I lived every crucial moment of it one more time even if just in my mind.

And let me tell you – it was a beautiful journey.

To be honest, the year didn’t kick off well. I spent New Year’s Day in Germany (which was fine), but I started to feel very sick a few days afterwards. It turned out to be a severe ear infection that left me half deaf, exhausted and in constant pain for over a month. I had grand plans for by newborn blog and not being able to transform into action the ideas I had in mind has been incredibly frustrating.

But then, from mid-February on, I started to be extremely productive and in just a couple of weeks I managed to write my business plan, prepare my website and start spreading the word about my new project.

And then while my blog was taking off and the first clients began to knock on my door, my personal life staggered.

First of all the “wanderlust gene” miraculously sleepy for the previous twelve months decided to reawaken in all of its glory and soon I had to plan a new adventure. It probably happened because I didn’t enjoy living in Germany anymore and the endless cold and grey weather had a significant impact on the decision I made of packing my stuff and leave to the beautiful and sunny island of Tenerife.

bye bye 2016

A month in the Canary Islands restored me from the dark mood that was occupying my mind and soul and those four weeks in paradise became the turning point of the whole year.
The following weeks spent in between Italy, France and Germany are the weeks when I decided to change one more time the direction of my life.

So what did it happen in June?
Plenty of things. Let me sum them up for you.
I applied for a one year long Working Holiday Visa for Canada.
I broke up with my German boyfriend and decided to be single for a while (more here).
I went to the wedding of one of closest friends from Uni.
I accepted a job as centre manager for a summer language school in Winchester and moved to England for seven weeks.
I sent most of my belongings back to my parents and took my beloved green backpack with me on my Uk adventure.
I snuggled with the refreshing idea of not having a clue about what my future would look like and where I was going to go at the beginning of September.
I met the Spanish guy I fell in love with.

And even more happened later on when my beautiful and frantic summer came to an end.

September is the month I got my visa for Canada approved, the month I went to Mallorca to review a fantastic yoga holiday hosted by Balearic Retreats, the month I officially moved to Brighton together with my eight years younger boyfriend, the month I finally went back playing volleyball and beach volley. And that was simply the beginning of an extraordinary autumn.

Bye Bye 2016

2016 will last in my memories for being a crazy year characterized by lots of work, lots of love, lots of plans for the future, lots of beach volley, lots of new friends, lots of emotions. I fed my wanderlust genes with plenty of trips and getaway around Europe, explored breathtaking locations and filled my heart with experiences and discoveries I didn’t’ even know I was dying to do. Thank you 2016, you have been amazing! And now bring it on 2017 – I’m so curious to see what you have planned for me.

Germany – Cologne, Dusseldorf, Heidelberg, Stuttgart, Hamburg
France – Strasbourg, Nice and Cannes
Spain – Tenerife and Majorca
Italy – Verbania, Milan and Verona
England РBournemouth, Winchester, Portsmouth, Isle of Wight, Brighton
Norway – Oslo
Switzerland – Crans Montana

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